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    • ExhibitionsPhoto of History of slavery

      History of slavery

      It is often said that the Seychellois people is a melting pot of races. Indeed, this cliché amply describes the composition of the Seychellois Creole nation. The people of Seychelles represent an ethnic diversity that dates from the second half of the 18th century. In 1835, when the abolition of slavery came into force in all British colonies, 6,521 slaves were set free from a population of 7,500 inhabitants. This means that the population of Seychelles then must have been predominantly black.

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    • ExhibitionsPhoto of Pierre Poivre

      Pierre Poivre

      Three hundred years ago today, a French boy was born at Lyon in France, the son of a merchant.  History would ordain that Pierre Poivre would five decades later be instrumental in giving Seychelles a source of economic prosperity, a prosperity which would arrive more than a century after his death in 1786.  In 1772 during the last year of his tenure as intendant of Ile de France and Bourbon, he organized an expedition to Seychelles with the specific purpose of creating a spice garden – by doing this, he gave us cinnamon – a spice which in the Bible, the Lord instructs Moses to include among other ingredients in order to make the oil of the anointment – and which became…

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    Temporary / Travelling Exhibitions

    • Temporary / Travelling ExhibitionsPhoto of The History of Slavery Exhibition

      The History of Slavery Exhibition

                    The National Museums in collaboration with the National Archives and the National Library, under the aegis of the National Institute for Culture, Heritage and the Arts is organizing a traveling exhibition entitled “The History of Slavery in Seychelles”, the exhibition will be present in the different schools in Seychelles, with the aim of educating and extending knowledge of students on the aspect of the history of slavery in Seychelles. We therefore anticipate that the students and teachers will greatly benefit from this exhibition and will broaden their knowledge on a history that cannot be replaced and shall not be forgotten. The Exhibition will also be housed in the National Museum of History for…

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    • Public Speaking and Poetry Competition

      The Seychelles National Museum is organizing a Poetry Competition and Public Speaking competition Poetry Registration form   PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION REGISTRATION FORM                                                   

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    Special Events

    • Special EventsPhoto of 250 Years Anniversary

      250 Years Anniversary

      The 250th Anniversary of The first settlement in Seychelles 1770-2020  Two hundred and fifty years ago, on the 27th August of 1770, the first settlers arrived in Seychelles aboard the ‘Télémaque’. There were twenty-eight of them: 15 white men: Delaunay, Anselme, Berville, Drieux, Bernard, Lavigne, Jean-Jaques et Michel Boab, Jean-Marie Fustel, Charles Aumont, Joseph Bonne Avoine, Jean Thomas Gorineau, Louis…

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