National Museums Educational Program

Museum Education is a well-established yet still-evolving field which promotes and reinforce non-formal education in spaces and institutions such as museums. Its main objective is to engage visitors in learning experiences with the aim of increasing their inquisitiveness and interest on featured objects and collections.

The aim of our museum educational programs is to value and respect the natural, historical, and cultural heritage of Seychelles.

Museum educational programs has been in practice in the Seychelles for over 30 years and over the years there has been tremendous work done by museum professionals to educate the youth and the local communities of Seychelles about the basic principles in conserving and preserving our heritage for the future generations.

The educational unit of the National Museum administers a “Museum Club”. Registered members of the museum club hold the title of “museum ambassadors”. Members aim to strongly advocate the work and principle of the Museum. The program is designed to accommodate participants aged 7-15 years old.


  • During school term and school holidays.
  • Outreach programs with any institutions and schools,
  • Our programs entails conducting presentations at institutions and schools about what the Museum does and what we can offer.
  • Once a month on a Saturday we organize a family fun day at the museum.
  • Outreach programs also extends to activities conducted at the home for the elderly.
  • Visits to different artwork, cultural and natural sites, all over Seychelles.
  • Visits to the other islands in the Seychelles archipelago.
  • End of the year an exhibition is held to showcase works of the participants during the year.



The program entails the celebration of national and international days related to the Museum.

Holiday programs for participants who have registered with the Museum as members.

Group visit organized by different school or institutions.

Presentations by Museum staff regarding any topics of interest.

Using the museum as a platform to hold potential deliberations.


Museum Partners

For the Seychelles National Museums to initiate and implement programs, the museum staff have to establish collaborations with other partners in various fields, professionals and organizations. These include local NGO’s, the Ministry of Environment and Education and international partners. We also encourage exchange programs with other organization and host dialogues amongst community groups.

 Skype in the Museum

Locals and people living overseas can now learn about Seychelles Cultural and natural heritage through Skype. It was launched officially May 17th 2018 as part of activities to celebrate International Museum Day.

The aim of introducing the free education service is to remove geographic boundaries to      education through the innovative use of technology in a non-class environment. The museum is introducing other ways such as Zoom and Webinars to connect the Museum to a wider audience especially now that we are facing a worldwide pandemic.


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