Traditional Wedding

A traditional wedding in the Seychelles is developed with an extravagant ritual that now is disappearing. It all starts with the courtship that is unique to these islands. The man writes a love letter to the parents of the girl he wants to marry, was expressed in the letter his deep passion for his daughter, the man explains his character, what the major had made in life, his occupation / work, what will it do to ensure the maintenance of the material girl, how many children they would like, etc.

If the girl’s parents accept the proposal, courtship can begin, the man weaves a coconut basket called ‘Kapatya’ and delivery, full of fruit and vegetables varies, the girl’s house as an offering to the parents. This is a test that needs to demonstrate to the girl’s parents that the man was a hard worker and has good skills with his hands (the larger and braided ‘Kapatya’ better) so it is able to provide for his future wife.

Now, the young man and woman can stay close in the presence of parents and only the other girls in the house of her parents. During this time the couple has the opportunity to know each other. The couple must prove birth of love between them by engaging in an exciting game called ‘Roul pomme d’amour’. The man took a red tomato ‘also known as a apple love’ and the rolls on a table by throwing to the girl, that meant that the likes, if she rolls the tomato to him then love is reciprocated from her.

On the wedding day, for those who can afford it, a car is decorated with frangipani flowers and colorful ribbons. At the exit of the church or the place of the party, is erected an arch with palm leaves and decorated with fresh flowers, the pair crosses this arc followed by guests, all accompanied by a band playing the wedding march with instruments such as guitars, violins, banjo, drums and triangles. The wedding party, partiers drinking, singing and dancing as tradition, older women sang old sentimental songs out loud.

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