Introduction to the Museums

The Seychelles National Museums

The Seychelles National Museum started as an outgrowth of the National Archives in 1965. Its aims are too; acquire, conserve, research. Communicate and exhibits material of significance on the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Seychelles. The last 55 years have witnessed a dramatic transformation of the Seychelles National Museum into an active Museum in 1998. The new museum were given new mission in order to provide interactive displays and to reach out to the community.

Managerial Policy

The Seychelles National History Museums Division currently falls under the aegis of the Culture Department within the Ministry of youth , Sport and Culture and is primary responsible for the continuous preservation, promotion and development and is assisted by two Director General for Culture and the other for the Human Resource and Finance.

The national Museum Director reports directly to the Director General for culture and employs a total of 17 staff members

As a public body the National Museums adheres to the Constitution of Seychelles Cultural policy. The National Museum is currently drafting its Museum Policy which will aim to:

  • Have a comprehensive document defining the general guidelines for the operations of museums in Seychelles
  • Establish standard, strategies, and an operational framework within which the museum of Seychelles can function and develop.
  • Ensure that Museums in Seychelles develop and maintain high standard as well as professionalism


State Development

The National Museum is responsible for the effective management and development four sections, namely;

  • The National Museum of History.
  • The Natural History Museum
  • The National Herbarium
  • National Museum Conservation Unit


The National Museum of History

The National History Museum is charged with the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of historical artifacts for public benefit. Exhibit illustrating the history of Seychelles include such items as the oldest map drawn in 1517, the Stone of Possession, and object of ethnographical interest that exemplify the traditions and modes of life in times gone past.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum hosts exhibitions that not only illustrate flora, fauna and geological history of Seychelles, but serve to enlighten visitors about major environmental concern with Seven prominent aspects of Seychelles ‘ natural heritage are showcased through exhibits and dioramas

The National Herbarium

The Seychelles National Herbarium was founded by a collection by Charles Jeffery of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew in 1961. Currently situated at Mont Fleuri, the  National Herbarium collection comprises of plant specimens collected in Seychelles and includes representatives of most of the Seychelles flora of international significance.

Conservation Unit

The Conservation Unit is responsible for the treatment, restoration of museum objects and provides other technical service such packing and mounting of exhibitions. The Conservation Units is also responsible for the collection management of the National Museum Reserve.

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