Mr Charles Morel


Mr Charles Morel

Curator of Seychelles Herbarium

Charles was born on 21st February 1964, married with 3 children. Trained as a science Laboratory Technician , and started  work at the National Youth Service from 1981-1989. Then transferred to the Seychelles Polythechnics , worked there for 2 years in  the A level chemistry lab.


Started work for the Museum in 1991. My post of entry was for Laboratory Technician .My first responsibilities were to start preparing the Natural History Specimens and models for the proposed Natural History Museum.The work back then was challenging. The major challenge back then being conservation of our biodiversity , so models were preferred to real specimens , and this was a challenge as I had no prior knowledge in model making. After training in mold making and casting using different materials , I was prepared to take on anything .


My greatest strength is my willingness to learn, my positive attitude towards work, the love that I have for what I do and my vast knowledge on the Flora of Seychelles. My biggest accomplishment was the setting up of the Natural History Museum.

My goal for the future is my retirement plan.




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