Traditional Games

Honoring Seychelles Traditional Games , The Seychelles National Museums is revisiting some of Seychelles Traditional Games.

Plan Kare

Plan Kare is a game that originates  from “Danm” but is easier version to play. Like its name the game is formed in the shape of a square with 2 diagonal line that unites 4 extremities and also a vertical and horizontal line.This Game Is played by 2 Players, each having 3 pieces . Its Objective is to put all 3 pieces in a straight line , either vertically or horizontally or diagonally, whilst preventing your opponent from wining . Each piece can be moved only once, from one point to another .” Plan Kare a Senk” is another version of the same game,but has more lines and more pieces.


The game Ronn originates from French Songs (Chorus), these were sung by young girls. This game was often played by moonlight  whereby the children/adults  would form a circle or(line) and sing whilst acting out the song.Popular and still known songs for the game are (La Bougere,Pti Marmit,Granmanman Bebe and Lapilapon)


Kouk is a game from french origin (Cache-cahe/Hide and Seek). The purpose of the game is simple while one person counts , the other players hides, after counting to 50, the person counting tries to find the others,before they manage to come out and touch the post where he/she was counting. There are 4 versions of this game they are ” Kouk Kler, Kouk Kasyet, Kouk Delivre, Kouk Sardin “.

Balon Prizonyen

This game was played with a ball, being passed by two players, after the ball is passed 3 times between them ,  then they try to hit the other children with the ball, if you are hit , you are out “out of the game” and the others still continue to play.The game ends when everyone is out .

Set Ros

This Originates from the game of Seven Stones , this game is played by two groups of children . The children chose 7  stones and stack them on top of each other (biggest at the bottom). One group will be defending the stacked stone , whilst the other the attackers, one team tries to stack the stones whilst the other tries to hit them with the ball, if the attacking team is hit, then they switch positions.

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