State House Guided Tour

State House Guided Tour

 Location: Seychelles | Mahe

You will enjoy a 1-hour guided tour. You will get the unique chance to visit the place from where the Seychelles President is running the country. The State House was designed and built in 1910, when Seychelles was still a British colony. Then known as “Government House”, it was the residence of the Governors of the Seychelles, beginning with Sir Walter Davidson in 1912. Typical of the colonial architecture aesthetic of the time and place, it features a two-storied portico ornamented with white pillars. The architect was William Marshall Vaudin, who was born in Seychelles in 1866. The building was renovated in 1976, immediately before Seychelles became an independent republic in the Commonwealth of Nations, and again in 2007.

State House is the official office of the President of the Seychelles. The building that is used as the office of the President in theory can be used as the President’s residential home. The building is used for diplomatic functions and state investitures, and has been classified as a national monument. The State house is the burial ground of the first president of Seychelles.Tours handled by the “Seychelles National Institute for Culture Heritage and the Arts”

  • Meeting point “National Museum of History Seychelles” (Independence Avenue)
  • Contact : + 248 4225404/
  • Tours on Tuesdays/Thursdays only as from 1000 hrs -1100 hrs
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Tour provider confirms reservation within 48 hours
  • 1 – 15 people per tour
  • Check availability

What to expect

You will meet with your tour guide at the reception of the National History Museum. Your tour guide will wait for you and your tour will start from there. You will go together to the state house entry gate where you will do a check in. After the check in the tour will start. You will have the chance to see the “Government House” and to visit different sections such as:

  • The conference room (salon maritime) where group meetings with the president are taking place.
  • The welcome room (salon d`accueil) of the president where the official state house guests are welcomed, swearing in of new judges take place, receiving of presents and official photos can be made and also ceremonies and cocktails.
  • photos can be made and also ceremonies and cocktails.
  • The “kourtwazi” room (salon des îles) – where dignitaries accreditation ceremonies and “kourtwazi” visits take place.
  • You will also see original paintings of 16 governors (from 1912 until 1977) and the 1 president that lived in the state house.
  • You will visit the state house’s beautiful tropical garden where giant tortoises are resting, history monuments, ruins and tombs are displayed.

What you need:

  • You need to bring your ID card or passport for check in.
    The check in is takes place before the tour at the entry gate of the State house.
  • Passport number need to be written  and sent to  2 days before the tour.
  • Big Luggage’s are not permitted.Small purse/ hand bag allowed.
  • Cameras are allowed, photos are permitted as per guidance from guide and state house officials.
  • Phones are also allowed.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed, and should not be consumed inside
  •  Payment to be done at the reception of the national museum on the day of your tour.


 Price: Non Residents: 300 SCR per adult/ Children free

            Residents free

Cancellation policy

  • Tour can be cancelled free of charge until 2 day/ 48 hours (s) before.


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